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Heat Pump Servicing / Cleaning

We can repair all major brands of air conditioning / heat pumps and can properly diagnose your appliance problems.


Maitenance / Servicing / Cleaning

Maintenance of your air conditioning is a requirement of your manufacturer's warranty.

A professional technician should do a heat pump servicing at least every year to keep your heating equipment at an efficient operation.

To ensure your heating system is running in optimal condition, it is necessary to clean or change filters once a month or as needed and maintain the system according to manufacturer’s instructions.

Dirty filters, coils, and fans reduce airflow through the system which will decreases system performance and can damage your system’s compressor. Clean outdoor coils whenever they appear dirty.

Premium Heat Pump Cleaning

The team at Crossheat believe that with a maintenance plan in place, your air conditioning/ heat pump units can run efficiently and last a long time. A full heat pump servicing and clean at least once a year, will give you peace of mind that your equipment will be running most effectively and efficient. 

When you trust the team at Crossheat to do a premium heat pump servicing in Christchurch, you are getting expert service at an affordable price.


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Professional Christchurch AC Maintenance

If you are ready to save on power costs and stay comfortable all year round, Contact us today to schedule a HVAC maintenance!